California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) released new numbers on Thursday showing stark improvements in the state’s employment situation. EDD reports California’s unemployment rate fell to 8.5 percent and nonfarm payroll increased by 30,200. To look at this report with a wide lens, this time last year California’s unemployment was at 10.6 percent. 2.1 percent in a year is moving at a pretty good clip. However, EDD indicates that 1.8 percent of the year-to-year change is real job growth, meaning 0.3 percent fell out of the workforce.

Comparing the Golden State to the rest of the nation is a past time for Californians so let us go through that exercise.

US unemployment in June is still lower than California’s as a whole at 7.6 percent, but its year-to-year improvements are not as impressive improving only six-tenths of a percentage since June ’12.

So what do all these percentage points mean as it relates to real people?

Since 2010 California has created 803,400 jobs, bringing the state’s total employed to 14,648,700.

EDD unemployment numbers

You can dive further into the numbers yourself by checking out the EDD release. 


One last and totally depressing note, Imperial County is still having a rough time. 23.6 percent (!)


Employment numbers are improving
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