What happens when you add up all the cash-on-hand of California’s statewide candidates and compared them among parties? If you’re a Republican, you may want to look the other way.

Using cash-on-hand data reported on July 31 to the California Secretary of State, Democrats hold onto $33.2 million compared to the Republicans $420,000. Not a typo. That’s four hundred and twenty thousand dollars. Republicans have 1.2% of what Democrats have banked. As you can see from the chart below, the vast majority of the Democratic money is held by Jerry Brown who spent hardly anything on his primary. But many Democratic candidates hold a huge cash advantage over their counterparts. Not to throw salt on the wound, but Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones – a job not known for its vast statewide fundraising prowess – holds 5 times what the entire Republican delegation is banking.

You can guarantee Republicans will be phone banking donors between August and November, but for sure will never close the gap.

It’s safe to say Republican statewide candidates are looking for a job with just $40 in their pocket.



No joke: California Democrats have a ridiculous cash advantage over Republicans